Belligerent Yearling and the History of 3-Power Red 2-Drops

belligerent yearling

This weekend’s spoilers for the upcoming Magic: the Gathering expansion The Lost Caverns of Ixalan have been exciting, but one little dinosaur has shown particularly impressive precedent: Belligerent Yearling. Join us as we go through the history of the game’s 3-power red creatures to show how incredible this dino actually is.

The History of 3-Power Creatures for 1R in Magic: the Gathering

1994: Goblin Rock Sled 

Red’s first 3-powered creature for 2 mana came in Magic’s fourth expansion, but not without two major downsides. 

1998: Mog Flunkies

Mog Flunkies was the first 2-MV creature in red with 3 power to see extensive tournament playdominating Standard in “Red Deck Wins”.

2018: Leopard-Spotted Jiao

Just two years after red saw its first Grizzly Bear, the Global Series decks gave us the color’s first 3-powered 2-drop without downside.

2020: Kargan Intimidator

Not one for cowards, the first 3/1 for {1}{R} with an upside and no downsides was a rare from 2020’s Zendikar Rising.

2023: Belligerent Yearling

Wait, what the hell just happened?

By Cardboard by the Numbers

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to address inconsistencies pointed out on social media.

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